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          As of June 29, MSU's Small Animal 急 and Critical Care Medicine (ECCM) operations have modified:

          All walk-in patients will be evaluated. Life-threatening cases will be admitted. Cases evaluated as stable will be referred to the client’s primary care veterinarian, other facilities, or other services within the MSU 医院, if possible. Monday–Friday, from 8:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m., the ECCM Service will operate as a “referral only” service. However, walk-in patients with critical illness or immediately life-threatening problems will always receive care. Referring veterinarians should call 517-353-5420 prior to sending any patients to MSU. 查看该医院的整个网页.

          After earning his veterinary degree from MSU in 1950, 阿尔伯特℃。 DEHN returned to his hometown of Abbotsford, Wisconsin, where he practiced for his entire career, primarily treating the cows on local dairy farms. Fondly known as “Doc” to his friends and neighbors, Dehn also served on the board of the local bank and spent his life giving back to his community from his place firmly outside the spotlight.

          Dehn had tremendous respect for his alma mater and designated the gift in his will because he felt there was no higher philanthropy than to name an endowed chair. A lifelong proponent of education and enrichment, Dehn spearheaded the creation of a charitable foundation in Abbotsford, the mission of which was to support community projects that would make life better for its citizens. Jennifer Jakel, a longtime neighbor and friend of Dehn’s, believes he would be proud to see his life’s work culminate in a gift that will impact even more lives, far beyond his hometown.

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